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We will guide you to your optimal health

By utilizing the Integrated Synergy Therapeutics that I have developed, we will provide a customized natural treatment suitable for you.Over 100,000 clinical experiences in 30 years will help the recovery of complex diseases.
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What is Integrated Synergy Therapeutics? (IST)

The treatment I have named consists of two techniques:

The first is an acupuncture treatment developed by me, called Acu-Zone Therapy. The other is my original muscle reflex test called the vital energy muscle test.

This test can be used to properly prescribe Chinese herbs and supplements depending on the patient's condition.  Read More...

What is Acu-Zone Therapy?

30 years ago, I was inspired by Master Matsumoto's seminar held in Santa Fe in addition to seeing master Nagano's masterpiece, I decided on my lifelong goal to become a master acupuncturist much like them.

 After 20 years of trial and error, while maintaining the same immediate effect, I’ve found that the diseases can be treated with only 7 or less acupuncture needles from 26 points in a short time.  Read More...

What is Vital Energy Muscle Test (VEMTest)?

Every object including the human body has their own unique electric and electoromagnetic fields. This Test detects how a particular substance interacts with the human body and even its individual organs; positively or negatively. This method allows us to use the sensitivity of the body, which is capable of detecting even a very faint stimulus. Read More...

Uses for Chinese Herbal Formula and Supplements

I use herbal formulas and supplements as adjunctive therapies for Acu-zone Therapy. The reason for prescribing them together is that acupuncture is most effective by promptly relieving the stagnation of energy and blood with a slight external stimulus.

Moreover, taking natural medicine appropriate for the patient's condition enhances the prognosis by maintaining and improving the effect from the inside. Read More...



Therapeutic philosophy

If you think you can't heal, you won't heal.

If you don't really want to heal, you won't heal.

Even if I want you to beat your illness, if you think you can't win, I can't win your health.

If you inadequately execute my advice, your complete recovery will be prolonged.

In order to win the battle against this illness, we must start with a strong belief and trust in one another: "I will surely heal" and "I will surely heal you".

The bond is determined by awakening the conscious energy of the universe.

Meaning of Illness and the Solution

Aside from accidents and genetic diseases, the universe (God) interprets that it gives us the opportunity to reassess our daily lives. The symptom is a warning from the body and a call for attention. It is important to listen to that signal and change the lifestyle that is causing your body danger or stress. In that sense, if you can find a way of life that suits your body’s needs, you will be cured. The problem is that the message appears as pain or symptoms, but it doesn't give an answer as to what to do. The answer is learned by receiving diagnosis and advice from a medical practitioner, or by exploring for your self through trial and error.

Certainly, medicine and surgery to control the symptoms in the case of acute are also necessary. However, in order to heal a chronic illness, one has to find a suitable method for him/her self in the diet, breathing, movement, thought and environment.

Therefore, I believe that one of the purposes in life is to learn about health through trial and error of the causes among these five factors. I believe optimal health is a balance of these five factors.

Often times, patients blame their age. Certainly, human function declines with age, however, that is not always the cause of illness. Rather, the accumulation of unfavorable habits over the years has become a major factor. The difficulty in healing patients over the age of 50 is that their habits have become entrenched and cannot be changed even with the advice of their roots. Essentially, it can be said that people with flexible thinking ability are easier to heal.

Human beings have their own unique constitution so there is no single effective cure or medicine for all illnesses. It's not easy for one to know where the cause of the current illness is, but with persistence, natural solutions will come to you. Certainly with the development of modern medicine, the visible causes for certain diseases can be found through medical examination. However, I feel that humans ignore the fact that they are operating with invisible minds and energy. Isn't it necessary to stay healthy today to work on this invisible part? I am confident that Acu-zone therapy of my acupuncture and vital energy muscle test utilizing applied kinesiology are the medical techniques that make these visible.

It's no exaggeration to say that your life depends on whom you choose to be your doctor. From now on, rather than just telling you the test results or prescribing medication, seek medical help from a doctor who can advise you on how to help your overall health.

For that purpose, I will show you the self-care system for each disease and constitution so please look forward to it.

Habits of becoming a patient

● People who are constantly worried, anxious, or dissatisfied

● Those who deny the existence of invisible human body energy

● Persons who leave only their doctors to their own health and do not cure themselves

● Those who have given up on the possibility of recovery

● People who stop treatment when they get a little better

● People who accumulate stress and overuse their mind and body

● People who trust and rely on synthetic drugs

I originally saw Dr. Nakano in 1992 for plantar fascitis and after 5 treatments was able to walk again with no pain or recurring problems for a number of years, so 25 years later, when I started having foot problems again, I went back to Dr. Nakano. I was diagnosed with a bone spur in my right foot starting the latter part of January 2018. I was almost unable to put any bearing weight on that foot which is now totally pain free and fully functional again. With acupuncture, herbal meds and detox pads my quality of life has been fully restored, this over a period of 2 months. I was also suffering with bronchitis and sinus issues at the same time which he also treated with cough syrup and herbal meds and I was well within a week. For two weeks prior, I had been using traditional medical treatment, antibiotics and steroids for these conditions which had not resolved the problem. I will always defer to Dr. Nakano for any and all future ailments. There is something to be said for the practice of medicine that Oriental Medicine Clinic offers. Dr. Nakano is a gifted healer!

I. Wharton

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