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By utilizing the Integrated Synergy Therapeutics that I have developed, we will provide a customized natural treatment suitable for you.Over 100,000 clinical experiences in 30 years will help the recovery of complex diseases.
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What is Integrated Synergy Therapeutics? (IST)

The treatment I have named consists of two techniques:

The first is an acupuncture treatment developed by me, called Acu-Zone Therapy. The other is my original muscle reflex test called the vital energy muscle test.

This test can be used to properly prescribe Chinese herbs and supplements depending on the patient's condition.  Read More...

What is Acu-Zone Therapy?

30 years ago, I was inspired by Master Matsumoto's seminar held in Santa Fe in addition to seeing master Nagano's masterpiece, I decided on my lifelong goal to become a master acupuncturist much like them.

 After 20 years of trial and error, while maintaining the same immediate effect, I’ve found that the diseases can be treated with only 7 or less acupuncture needles from 26 points in a short time.  Read More...

What is Vital Energy Muscle Test (VEMTest)?

Every object including the human body has their own unique electric and electoromagnetic fields. This Test detects how a particular substance interacts with the human body and even its individual organs; positively or negatively. This method allows us to use the sensitivity of the body, which is capable of detecting even a very faint stimulus. Read More...

Uses for Chinese Herbal Formula and Supplements

I use herbal formulas and supplements as adjunctive therapies for Acu-zone Therapy. The reason for prescribing them together is that acupuncture is most effective by promptly relieving the stagnation of energy and blood with a slight external stimulus.

Moreover, taking natural medicine appropriate for the patient's condition enhances the prognosis by maintaining and improving the effect from the inside. Read More...



Therapeutic philosophy

If you think you can't heal, you won't heal.

If you don't really want to heal, you won't heal.

Even if I want you to beat your illness, if you think you can't win, I can't win your health.

If you inadequately execute my advice, your complete recovery will be prolonged.

In order to win the battle against this illness, we must start with a strong belief and trust in one another: "I will surely heal" and "I will surely heal you".

The bond is determined by awakening the conscious energy of the universe.

Meaning of Illness and the Solution

Aside from accidents and genetic diseases, the universe (God) interprets that it gives us the opportunity to reassess our daily lives. The symptom is a warning from the body and a call for attention. It is important to listen to that signal and change the lifestyle that is causing your body danger or stress. In that sense, if you can find a way of life that suits your body’s needs, you will be cured. The problem is that the message appears as pain or symptoms, but it doesn't give an answer as to what to do. The answer is learned by receiving diagnosis and advice from a medical practitioner, or by exploring for your self through trial and error.

Certainly, medicine and surgery to control the symptoms in the case of acute are also necessary. However, in order to heal a chronic illness, one has to find a suitable method for him/her self in the