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Natural Herbs

What is Integrated Synergy Therapeutics? (IST)

The treatment I have named consists of two techniques:

The first is an acupuncture treatment developed by me, called Acu-Zone Therapy. The other is my original muscle reflex test called the vital energy muscle test.

This test can be used to properly prescribe Chinese herbs and supplements depending on the patient's condition.

By making full use of these two techniques, instead of 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 1 became 3 or 4, and the synergistic effect made it possible to achieve therapeutic results in a short period of time. I'm proud to be the only Oriental doctor in the world who can treat both of these simultaneously.

What is Acu-Zone Therapy?

30 years ago, I was inspired by Master Matsumoto's seminar held in Santa Fe in addition to seeing master Nagano's masterpiece, I decided on my lifelong goal to become a master acupuncturist much like them.

 After 20 years of trial and error, while maintaining the same immediate effect, I’ve found that the diseases can be treated with only 7 or less acupuncture needles from 26 points in a short time.

There are six benefits for patients:

① Quickly relieve pain without local needling.

② Patients are happy and comfortable without intense stimulation such as De Qi sensation or electrical stimulation (only a slight vibration with a light touch is used).

③ No guesswork on point selection. Anyone will be able to know where to put needles based on the diagnostic palpation; Accurate point location is judged by its relief.

④ Diagnosis is clear. The body exhibits tender points on organ reflex zones, in the channel, and muscle groups. These are excellent ways to know the root cause of the illness.

⑤One body positioning will suffice to treat multiple complaints.

⑥Root and Branch are treated simultaneously.

What is Vital Energy Muscle Test (VEMTest)?

Every object including the human body has their own unique electric and electoromagnetic fields. This Test detects how a particular substance interacts with the human body and even its individual organs; positively or negatively. This method allows us to use the sensitivity of the body, which is capable of detecting even a very faint stimulus. By placing slight pressure on certain areas of the body, we can stimulate a sensory neuron to send a message across the cerebral centrum, where it is judged to be either a healthy or unhealthy influence. We can observe the change in the tonus of a minor muscle to see how the body reacts to that stimulus. It allows us to work without the use of diagnostic instruments.

In my system, I use the resistance created by the thumb and pinky finger confronting muscles. This does not require brute strength or force. A gentle pull of the client’s fingers will suffice.


There are 3 benefits of the VEMTest:

1. It is possible to identify the appropriateness of Chinese herbal formulas and supplements and foods suitable for the patient's condition.

2. It is possible to judge whether the functions of the muscles, joints and organs of the body are normal or abnormal.

3. Sample test kits can be used to distinguish internal latent microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and toxins.

Uses for Chinese Herbal Formula and Supplements

I use herbal formulas and supplements as adjunctive therapies for Acu-zone Therapy. The reason for prescribing them together is that acupuncture is most effective by promptly relieving the stagnation of energy and blood with a slight external stimulus.  However, the effectiveness from the acupuncture will be weakening as the days go by.  In traditionall acupuncture treatment, most acupuncturists ask you to come back to get treatments 2 to 3 times a week.  But, in my clinic, I only ask you to come back weekly in first 3 sessions.  As your condition get progress well, then you can only come back in 10 days to 3 weeks.  Depending on your condition though, I can tell you how many sessions you need to get better after 3 to 5 sessions.  

Moreover, taking natural medicine appropriate for the patient's condition enhances the prognosis by maintaining and improving the effect from the inside.

By changing or adjusting the prescription every visit according to the alteration in the physical condition of the patient, we can accelerate the recovery period. Therefore, I will only prescribe the amount of herbs up to the next appointment. I believe that this will be economically helpful for patients as well, due to the decreased number of visits.

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