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This is for ONLY Practitioner page.  We don't sell our products if you do't have Health care provider license Number and resell certification.  



                              Would you like to relieve your patient from pain or discomfort quicker?

This is a natural herbs for pain treatment site for qualified health care professionals such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, physiotherapists and athletic trainers.

Therefore, even if you are completely unfamiliar with Oriental medicine, understanding the simple system and prescribing herbs according to the manual will be a safe and effective treatment method.

By using my original Chinese herbs and supplements along with the Acu-zone Therapy, I have been successful in accelerating the recovery period of my patients by over 50%. 

For example, a patient with low back pain who has improved with 10 treatments by your manipulation until now may be able to see results within 5. 

However, there is one disclaimer: Unfortunately, anyone who believes in the traditional one-sided notion that pain from inflammation is treated by cooling the area will have a hard time understanding this particular practice.

From my thirty years of experience, applying warmth or heat to heal chronic pain has been effective 90% of the time. Moreover, I've concluded that pain is the result of the stagnation of blood and energy.

I'll expand upon this in further detail, but if you're interested in my opinions and teachings, please come joi

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